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Monday, April 28, 2014

ABC Bible Verse

I am beyond horrible at blogging but that's why I stopped! I made these for Lil' Man and wanted to have them somewhere so others could benefit from them! I am a little OCD when it comes to Bible verse, so when I was looking something for Lil' man I couldn't find a free printable where all the verses were in the same translation. These are all ESV and have an image to color!

Here's the Link 

For some reason my font won't transfer over...if it's still not working out you can always email me

Friday, September 2, 2011

What I learn in the Fourth Grade

Unlike many others I get a re-do of the fourth grade every year. I love my job. Even on the bad days I love what I do. Each year my fourth graders teach me something. This years class is no exception. It is the fourth week of the fourth grade and I love them and their little personalities.

This week we were playing a game. It's called silent around the world and it is awesome. The students compete to get the question right first. The first one who wins moves on to the seat in front of them and so on and so on. So this little boy was up and he got the question right. In the very front row one of my little students let out a huge hooray and a fist pump. It was to cute for him to get in trouble. I asked him what was that about and he said, "Because my friend won." I told him that he was having to go against his friend next. His reply, "I don't care I am just so happy he won." It was one of those moments that I wanted to take him and just squeeze him and tell him how sweet that was. But of course that couldn't be done, due to A, we were playing a game, B) he would have been embarrassed and C( I am sure that would have been frowned upon.

I thought when was the last time I was truly excited about some one like that and their success. So much so that I didn't even care about what was going on with me and my life. That at that moment I was just elated in their success that I fist pumped in the air and let a huge scream for all to hear.

He has taught me how to be a better friend. For that I will always be grateful to my smallest fourth grader with the biggest heart.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


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I think this might become a DIY kind of blog lets see how this works

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I am leaving on a Jet plane

In one week from today I will be in the air on the way to see my SISTER. I haven't seen her in over two years. Last time I saw her family of three I was getting the Wrights are a family of four. I am so excited to see her words can't even started to sat how excited I am. The one thing I am not excited about is 15 days or longer away from Kris. I've been out of the country when we were dating but not for this long. We haven't spent more than three days a part since we got married so this is going to be very hard on the both of us.

I do wish he could see all the beauty of Greece. As well as the cutesy little girls to ever to have lived...our nieces. I think he would fall in love with Greece just as I did lost six years ago...I can't believe it's been that long. Greece is so beautiful and special. I don't think they have bad days in Greece. Being there for two weeks I guess we will see. Last time I was there I broke out in hives one night...was I down and depressed no because I was in GREECE and it's amazing. I highly recommend that everyone go.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Three rubber chickens and God

Last Friday was field day here at Calvary. Kris loves me but hates it when I volunteer to take on big projects. I of coursed volunteered to take on Field Day for the school. One of the things that was needed for field day were three rubber chickens. I had been looking everywhere. Then came the night before field day and no rubber chickens were insight. Kris was making suggestions on what we could use instead, but nothing sounded anywhere near as fun. We made one last ditch effort to Party City and there they were in all their glory. It was almost as if a golden light surrounded them, three rubber chickens. There were not two but three glorious rubber chickens waiting to be a part of our field day.
Right then and there in the middle of Party City, with three rubber chickens in hand, " I got pentacostal up in that joint." Who would have ever thought about praising God in the middle of a party store about rubber chickens. I know that as my generation we always say " God shows me he loves me by....insert something kind of stupid and somewhat meaningful." I always know God loves me because He sent His Son to die a cross for my dirty rotten sinful self so that one day I could be with Him in heaven. But God reminded me that some how He still loves me and watches after me, even through my dirty rotten self.
I hope today that God shows you he loves you in away that will only touch your heart, so you can see how personal and special you are to Him.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's what we do

1. Link back and thank the person who gave it to you.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 5 stylish blogs you read.
4. Contact them and tell them about their award!

So Apey awarded me stylish blogger. Yippe.....

1.I am compulsive about making my bed in the morning....I am a freak like that
2. I have a new niece her name is Audrey
3. I love Jesus
4. I am a teacher and most of the time I love every minute of it.
5. I am trying to loose a lot of weight before aprils wedding that's my goal date don't think I will make it but I have lost a lot already
6. I am married, have two dogs, and now own a's crazy awesome
7. I am a diehard Gamecock the middle of LSU country

So last night I tired wasn't as successful as I had hoped and planned.I did save around 20 dollars. Now I am not saying that I was expecting to buy like oodles and boodles and walk out with a 6 dollar bill but still. Oh well I will keep on trying. Part of my problem was there are lots of great coupons on line, but we didn't have any ink so a big part of our purchase was the stinkin ink for Kris's printer. So maybe the next time it will work out better.

In other new baby Audrey is here. She is 6 lbs 4oz. And 19.5 inches long. Congrats to my brother in law and my sister in law on their new baby girl. I know Kris is excited. It just different when it's you own sibling having a baby. Because they are the ones that you grew up besides and have this sort of kindred bond with. I know he love EB and Lorelia but it's just a different feel when it's your brother having a baby. I think he thinks I am going to be mad at him or something if he says how excited he is. Or he could feel not manly for being so excited. For the shower I think that is why he wanted to help so much.

I don't know how to tag peoples blog to give them an award so when I find out I will finish that section.
People I would tag
Steffie Fresh

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So I hate to say it but I think that I am going to jump on this whole band wagon thing of couponing. Now I am I going to go stock piling looking like I will be prepared for years if some disaster were to strike... um no. But it would be nice to save money. As most know we are two extremely poor teachers, private school teachers I might add to you can get some degree of poorness. I kind of always told myself that I would never do the whole couponing things.
I did that because my mom always use to and it would embarrass me. I guess I didn't want people knowing that we didn't have a lot of money. We didn't have a lot of money at all by mom alway provided and one major thing that helped was cutting out coupons every Sunday.
Now I kind of look forward to it.It wouldn't hurt us at all to save some money here and there. I am so not going to the extreme those people on TLC. But who doesn't love saving money on the things they need. If anyone has any advice on how to do this to say the most money as possible feel free to share with me :-).